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  • Anita
    Sleep problems for 3 years
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    Sleepio has changed my life — seriously!

    Before Sleepio I felt so down and just couldn't see an end to my sleep problems. Firstly, the course made me realise all the things I was doing wrong regarding my sleep hygiene etc - which I thought was a load of rubbish at first!

    The sessions themselves are well set out, easy to understand and you know you are getting knowledge and help from the experts, based on real research regarding your sleep. You are in good hands! I also liked the fact that you can get advice from other members. It makes a difference having contact with people who understand what you are going through.

    I'm now actually living my life again - feeling healthy, happy and alert. I have even managed to go back to work full time. So, if you suffer from poor sleep I urge you to join Sleepio. It has helped me so much, I cannot recommend it or praise it enough.

    It is hard at first but believe me the results are astounding (IF you do it properly!).

  • Laura
    Sleep problems since childhood
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    The best gift to myself I could ever have given

    The Sleepio course has been amazing - it's totally transformed my sleep! It explains the reasoning and research behind all the tools and exercises and, although it has been difficult at times, it has been well worth the effort.

    Before the course I used to spend nearly every night waking up several times, sometimes unable to get back to sleep. Now I fall asleep quickly, rarely wake during the night and feel more awake during the day. I no longer dread going to bed at night and, if I can't sleep, I now have the tools to deal with it.

    I suffered with poor sleep for such a long time, I never realised how much it was affecting me during the day until my sleep improved. I feel like a new person now - I never would have believed I could sleep through the night without waking at least once!

    It has been the best gift to myself I could ever have given. You, too, are worth the effort!

  • Neil
    Sleep problems for 30 years
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    I now have the tools to become the master of my own sleep!

    My poor sleep started back in the late 80's, for no particular reason, and it has been with me ever since. My sleep was very patchy, on good nights I would get 5 -6 hours and on a bad night it would be 3 or 4 hours leaving me feeling constantly sick and finding it hard to work.

    Sleepio has put all the bricks in place to enable me to handle my sleep problems, and to give a sense of perspective when I have the occasional bad night these days. I now have the tools to work on my poor sleep over the coming year and become the master of my own sleep!

    If, like me, you have been trying to find a solution to your sleep problem, via your doctor, books or internet, then I can recommend that you give the course a go. Sleepio has helped me with my 30 year history of sleep problems; hopefully it can do the same for you as well!

  • Mary
    Sleep problems for 10 years
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    You start to see changes within weeks, which is amazing

    The course has been amazing and my sleep efficiency is now around 80%. I actually wake up feeling refreshed now - I had forgotten what that felt like. I no longer have to struggle through each day and I haven't had a headache in weeks.

    I particularly love keeping my Sleep Diary, which I often read back through to see the difference this course has made on my sleep.

    I think when you start any plan you always have doubts especially when you have had the problems for years. With the Sleepio course you start to see changes within weeks, which I think is amazing. There are parts of the course that are hard but if you follow them you will not regret it.

  • Toni
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    Thank you Prof for helping me to enjoy sleep again!

    Sleepio has benefitted me greatly by teaching me the tools I need to get a good night's sleep. I still have good nights and bad nights but find that I'm much better at getting to sleep quickly.

    I have and will continue to recommend Sleepio to everyone who has a sleep problem. Thank you to The Prof for helping me to enjoy sleep again!

  • Amanda
    Sleep problems for over 11 years
    Please join, you will have no regrets!

    I am a practicing GP, and have personally experienced sleep difficulties for many years. GP training is woefully inadequate when it comes to managing insomnia, and I was poorly equipped to help myself. As a result of discovering Sleepio, and completing the course, I'm not only a much better sleeper but have a much greater ability to assess my patients' sleep difficulties. I am much better placed to give constructive advice - which definitely does include encouragement to visit the Sleepio website.

    Having had increasing difficulty with my sleep routine for more than 11 years, waking often throughout the night and being unable to return to sleep, I found my home, work life and relationships suffering more and more. Discovering the Sleepio programme has therefore, been life-changing, as I now no longer feel I am the only one to struggle with my sleep.

    Even more importantly I have learned valuable skills and a new way of thinking about my sleep. These have, in turn, enabled me to improve my sleep to a greater extent than I had believed possible. I finally feel that I have control over my sleep pattern.

    On finding the Community my first thought was "I'm not alone" which was priceless. I've since picked up lots of useful tips from other members of the Sleepio Community - Please join, you will have no regrets!

  • Rod
    Sleep problems for over 30 years
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    Eight months later, I consider the fix permanent.

    From 1980 to 2011 I was plagued with poor sleep: I spent a lot of time in bed, but remained awake for a great part of it. The 'racing mind' and restlessness made it hard to get back to sleep - until 10 minutes before the alarm, of course!

    Lack of sleep was a heavy burden on my working life - where my lowered energy levels often suppressed my enthusiasm for tackling tasks.

    I have always looked out for explanations of the way sleep works, or how to improve it - but in most cases I found little more than well-meaning advice (air your bedroom, don't drink tea at night etc, etc), but nothing to equip a sufferer with the means to permanently address the problem.

    This changed with Sleepio. The course was kind of like a miniature apprenticeship: you begin by getting measured-up (for your sleep needs and problems), then you are fitted out with a 'toolkit', containing a tool for tackling every sleep-threatening situation. These tools are explained as being based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but this does not involve absorbing difficult concepts. It takes the form of simple understanding of the causes of sleep problems, and a reasoning-approach to tackling them. Next, like all apprentices, the business of learning is made good by practice: you try out the techniques, whilst measuring your own progress.

    I actually enjoyed following the course - the tasks were not heavy, but the progress was very fast. What I really admire is the way that the course incorporates the answer to almost any question or difficulty you could raise concerning sleep. The range of tools and solutions is so wide, that I ended up committing only those most useful for my own situation - others will no doubt need a different selection. Another vital angle is that the course contents are very obviously research-based - a distillation of expert knowledge. The effect of this is to give confidence in the material, and of the worth of sticking carefully to the programme.

    Eight months later, I consider the fix to be permanent. I rarely suffer daytime fatigue, and sleep for 90% of the time I'm in bed. For those considering the course, I would draw their attention to the extra hours in the day I have gained, for work or for play, which makes for a huge reduction in rush and stress. What's that worth to you?

  • Lesley
    Sleep problems for 25 years
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    This really is life changing stuff

    During the Sleepio course I gained the tools and knowledge to maximise my potential for a good night's sleep. I no longer worry about sleep, which is half the battle really. In particular I found the Community to be invaluable - I'm amazed at how supportive and like-minded all the contributors are.

    To anyone thinking of taking the course I'd say: just do it! It's hard work, but nothing worth having is easy and you're never alone with the Sleepio Community.

    This really is life changing stuff.

  • Sally
    Sleep problems for over 10 years
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    My life is no longer dominated by sleep

    For a period of around 10-15 years before taking the Sleepio course I found it very hard to get to sleep. It dominated my life, making me feel tired all the time, influencing my work and social lives, as well as my relationship.

    Sleepio has helped me feel in control, meaning that my life is no longer dominated by sleep (or lack of it). I felt reassured to have the recognition that having difficulty sleeping really does matter and that the problem can be addressed in very practical, evidence-based, ways. The course gave me clear goals to be reached and the feeling that I was really doing something about my sleep problem...and I loved the Prof and Pavlov!

    My advice to anyone considering signing up to Sleepio is: you are not alone, you can do something about not sleeping and you can learn to sleep better. It will be difficult at times but it is definitely worth it. If you stick at it, you will feel the difference as you retrain yourself to sleep. There will still be bad nights but they'll be much fewer and you'll know that a good night's sleep is probably not too far off.

  • Sheila
    Sleep problems for 28 years
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    Worth a million dollars!

    My sleep has been a problem since my children were small - so about 28 years! Before the course I would toss and turn during the night, and wake up feeling unrefreshed and unable to cope with the day ahead.

    I think the main help Sleepio has given me is to stop worrying! The Community has been enormously helpful and supportive, for me it's been integral to the process. Generally I feel much more positive which makes my days go better too.

    I really like the fact that the course is very structured. I think when you have had sleep problems for so long you need discipline and structure to succeed in changing one's sleep pattern. However I also like the fact that I am in control of my sleep diary and I can see how 'things' are changing for myself.

    It's worth trying because it can make a difference. My attitude has changed completely...that alone is worth a million dollars!

  • Valerie
    Sleep problems for a number of years
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    This course has helped me enormously

    Sleepio is an excellent site with support available from both Community members and the Sleepio experts. Before taking the course my sleep was erratic at best. For a number of years I'd struggled to get to sleep and woke frequently during the night, making me irritable and lack energy during the day.

    Since taking the Sleepio course I fall asleep quicker and I have experienced many nights where I remain asleep all night. My tiredness during the day has reduced and it has also reduced any anxious feelings I had about poor sleep. I now do not worry if I sleep badly one night.

    Taking part in the course was challenging, however I reaped many rewards. It was reassuring to find I was not alone and there were many others out there with the same problem. I am confident any users will see an improvement in their poor sleep. This course has helped me enormously and I am delighted to have been part of it!

  • Anne
    Sleep problems for 20 years
    I'm much more positive about my future

    The Sleepio course has helped to change my perspective on my poor sleep and improved my mood enormously. The course tools have been invaluable in helping me to recognise and challenge my negative thinking, making me feel less anxious, and subsequently sleep better.

    I've slept poorly for 20 years and, as a result, had very high anxiety levels, making me feel quite frightened and alone. I'm an active, strong person and always managed to get through the days, but used to dread evenings, bedtime and night time. In my worst moments I greatly worried that my poor sleep would have a negative impact upon my health, my job and my family.

    I would certainly recommend the course to anybody suffering from poor or broken up sleep, it will take them on a journey which will slowly plant and then build upon positive thoughts and emotions. I'm so grateful to have shared in other people's highs and lows and I now feel much more positive about my future.

  • Joy
    Sleep problems for 15 years
    It's the light at the end of an awful (sleepless) tunnel

    I would recommend the Sleepio Course, and have done so already - it's the light at the end of an awful (sleepless) tunnel. The course taught me to challenge my thoughts and re-evaluate my thinking. Before I started, my sleep was in a dreadful state. Every night I dreaded going to bed because I anticipated being awake yet again. I had become obsessed with my sleep problem, going immediately into panic mode when I woke during the night wondering how I was going to cope the next day.

    There are parts that may at first appear daunting and that will require some determination and perseverance. I would encourage people to stick with it and give it time because it can and does work! On completing the course I have become less anxious and feel so hopeful that I will become a better sleeper. In fact, for the first time in many years, I do not go to bed with the same dread as before, and if I wake during the night, I no longer panic and get into a state. I now have hope, and that's a great feeling!

    It is so comforting to know that there are many people out there with a sleep problem; by reading through the Community you feel less alone and can identify with other people's problems and fears.

  • Eileen
    Sleep problems for over 10 years
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    I would absolutely recommend the Sleepio course

    The greatest thing the Sleepio course gave me was the hope that I would be able to change things for the better. It was clear and concise and really worked for me as long as I didn't stray too much from my routine.

    I would absolutely recommend the course. It will work as long as you are prepared to put in the effort. Give it a go, keep an open mind and follow the directions to the letter!

    Thanks Sleepio for getting me back on track when all else failed!

  • Marian
    Sleep problems for over 10 years
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    I now feel in control of my sleep

    For at least 10 years I woke frequently during the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I got up most mornings feeling washed out and tired, and by tea-time I would be struggling to stay awake. I thought I was just a bad sleeper and would just have to put up with it.

    But not so! The Sleepio course has improved both my sleep, and my attitude towards it.

    I now usually only wake once during the night and fall asleep again very quickly. My sleep seems deeper and more restful. I still have some bad nights but after doing the Sleepio course I feel in control of my sleep. I know what affects it, and I can use the various techniques I learned on the course to get back on track.

    I used to be reluctant to mention to people that I had a problem sleeping because I thought they'd think I was just whining about nothing - after all if you can't sleep then you're not tired, right? But I was always tired! The community has made me realise that there are loads of people out there with similar problems. When I was struggling I could put up a post about it and would get all these sympathetic responses with suggestions of how to cope. You feel like part of a big family - it was just great.

    It was such a relief to find there were things I could do to improve my sleep that really worked. It's definitely worth trying - it can only make things better. Don't carry on putting up with poor sleep - it CAN be improved.

  • Carol
    Sleep problems for 30 years
    I would recommend Sleepio without hesitation

    Before I found the Sleepio course I had had trouble sleeping for about 30 years, often finding myself still awake at 4am or waking several times during the night, and then having great difficulty getting to sleep again. I simply could not switch off - the "racing mind" was a big problem.

    I had read about Prof. Espie on the internet and tried using some of the techniques in Sleepio before but I didn't have the willpower to keep them up. This is where the Sleepio course came into its own. Doing the course gradually, a week at a time and keeping a Sleep Diary gave me the discipline I needed.

    Doing the course has made a great difference to me and I would recommend it without hesitation. I no longer dread getting to bed because I now know I will go to sleep. My message to anyone doing the course would be - persevere!

  • Jo
    Sleep problems for 50 years
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    My life has completely changed

    Since signing up to the Sleepio course in October, my life has completely changed. At the time I was only getting 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep per night, having accepted this as my lot and feeling nothing would change it.

    The course gave me the tools to analyze what was affecting my sleep and how it might be changed. Even better, those same tools can be applied to other challenges in life, giving me a very different attitude all round.

    I had never discussed my sleep problems with anyone and was delighted to find a whole host of poor sleepers on the Sleepio Community. I've found the Community hugely supportive, it's magic!

    I've recommended the course to friends, acquaintances and my doctor! It takes dedication and perseverance but we do see miracles happening and angels afoot here at Sleepio.

  • Suella
    Intermittent sleep problems for over 10 years
    I found a fellowship of understanding people

    I have always had problems with my sleep on and off, and when I became ill with ME 10 years ago the first thing I was told was to improve my then very fragmented sleep pattern.

    The Sleepio tools and techniques have enabled me to understand and deal with the times that I might fail to sleep throughout the night. As a result, I have gained a great deal of insight into my own sleep habits, as well as reassurance that some short or disturbed nights aren't the end of the world.

    Whilst the library of sleep-focused expert articles helped me to understand the complexities of poor sleep, I particularly enjoyed the Community where I found a fellowship of understanding people, from whom I could also learn.

    It's a very valuable course to improve poor sleep through non-pharmaceutical techniques and behavioural changes and it's given me the perspective to help make my complicated life much easier.

  • Pauline
    Sleep problems for many years
    No one on Sleepio ever needs to feel isolated

    My sleep is still a 'work in progress' - there is no magic bullet but would I recommend Sleepio? You bet - I did today!

    Prior to signing up to Sleepio I suffered for many years with poor quality sleep and frequent wakings. It left me dreading going to bed, only to lay awake for many hours. As a result I felt constantly tired, lacked motivation and restricted my social late nights for me!

    Since joining Sleepio I feel in control and view my sleep from a different perspective. My mantra now is 'que sera, sera'...what will be, will be...and if I have a poor night, well so do millions of others...this makes me 'normal'.

    Sharing my sleep issues with other Community members has brought me support, advice, new friends and the revelation that I am not the only person experiencing poor sleep out there! No one on Sleepio ever needs to feel isolated, they can reach out - ask for help, support or advice and there is always someone who will respond.

  • Gerald
    Intermittent sleep problems for 40 years
    I don't feel helpless in the face of sleep problems any more

    I first developed problems sleeping when I was studying for exams at university just under 40 years ago. Since then I've had problems on and off, especially at times of stress, but particularly over the last 12 years or so. I tried never to let my poor sleep stop me doing things, but at times it has been quite a struggle to keep going because lack of sleep has often left me feeling lousy, depressed, irritable and generally less capable than I know I should be.

    I was given low doses of sleeping pills to help me sleep which helped for a while, but left me feeling very groggy in the mornings and generally 'flat'. Being unhappy with that, I decided to stop using them but it took several attempts to succeed. Whilst I was glad to leave medication behind, I was still left struggling with recurrent and chronic sleep problems. They certainly hadn't gone away.

    I first came across Sleepio after completing the Great British Sleep Survey - at the time I was rooting around the internet trying to find some sort of help, and went on to complete the Sleepio CBT course. It introduced me to new ways of thinking about my sleep and a set of techniques to help restructure my sleep pattern and to combat sleeplessness when it occurs. Learning and using these techniques takes some time and effort and parts can be quite tough, but it has certainly been worth it. Also, through using these techniques I am learning that I can, in fact exercise some control over my sleep - I don't feel I'm helpless in the face of sleep problems any more. This is not to say that my sleep problems have gone away entirely - after 40 years that will take a little time. However, I can certainly say that the quality and quantity of my sleep has improved since doing the course. Improved sleep means I simply feel better all round and that's good!

    From my experience I would certainly recommend the Sleepio course to friends, or indeed, strangers!