Our research principles

  1. We are committed to evidence-based practice
  2. We value the opportunity to collaborate with independent researchers
  3. Where a collaborator proposes research (investigator initiated project) our preference is that s/he acts as principal investigator (PI)
  4. We prioritize protocols that are likely to advance the field
  5. Protocols must be open to external review
  6. Protocols must be subject to appropriate ethical approvals, clinical governance arrangements , and trials registration
  7. Data will be handled and stored in keeping with regulatory guidelines
  8. Data will be made available directly to the PI and co-investigators for the purpose of independent analysis
  9. Expert statistical advice should be engaged whenever possible
  10. Active protocols must have a Steering Group and must be subject to periodic review
  11. Continued engagement with a project depends upon satisfactory progress reports, wherever possible using existing procedures (e.g. annual report/ review with funder)
  12. We reserve the right to disengage from research that ceases to be ethical, feasible or cost efficient
  13. Research outputs should be published in leading scientific journals, regardless of commercial interests
  14. Intellectual property (IP) associated with the Sleepio platform and its services shall at all times remain with Sleepio
  15. Where external, non-commercial, collaboration is sought, Sleepio resources will be provided on a cost/ not-for-profit basis
  16. Where commercial collaboration is anticipated, agreements will be put in place on a case by case basis
  17. Non-commercial projects will be prioritized over commercial projects
  18. The most contemporary version(s) of the Sleepio program will be provided and should be utilized in collaborative projects, including updates during the course of a study
  19. All projects utilizing Sleepio resources should be appropriately declared/ acknowledged
Signature of Prof Colin Espie
Prof Colin A Espie BSc, MAppSci, PhD, CSci, CPsychol, FBPsS Clinical & Scientific Director, Sleepio
Clinical & Scientific Director, Sleepio