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Can anyone recommend some relaxation CDs? I've tried the audio available on Sleepio but find having it as a download on my phone is awkward and the relax audio is too short. Would like to have a longer CD to listen to.


Posted 22 Oct 2013 at 1:18 PM
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    Hi again Maria 24, I replied to you on “bugs and Ideas”, relaxation cd's are quite a personal thing, if the voice irritates you, not so relaxing! I use and IPod which makes things easier to download, the free download for sleep from Headspace is good, and I have just downloaded a free app which I like from ITunes, but both are 20mins. Look on Amazon, people often give fair reviews there. Good luck.

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    Hi all,
    I have been using some headphones called Sleep-phones for the last week and have had a massive improvement with my sleep. Just thought I'd mention for those with a racing mind who are also very sound sensitive – which I am since having kids. The sleep-phones are a soft headband with very slim speakers, so you can lie on your side if you are a side sleeper. I have the setting on a very very low volume and use the Soothing Sounds App (I particularly like the Essence of Peace melody with harp like tune – repetitious). I am finding listening to this sound immensely relaxing and it enables me to switch off worries, sleep anxiety and get into my world quickly. If I wake up in the night, I often find I've pulled the band off my head in my sleep. If I'm drowsy, I don't bother putting it back on and if I'm alert then I put it back on again. The headphones enable me to block out husband fidgets as well. I have experimented with many sounds – some are too stimulating others are brilliant and make me very drowsy. Give them a go. I shove the iPad down the back of the bed and it uses hardly any battery even if it runs all night long.

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