Live Discussion with Dr Vicki Creanor - 11th November 2020

Dr Creanor will be hosting a live online discussion here on Wednesday 11th November, from 8.15pm to 9.45pm British Time or 3.15pm to 4.45pm US Eastern Time.

They will discuss as many topics as possible in the hour and a half and, as always, you are welcome to ask any questions at all about sleep or the Sleepio program. If there are a lot of questions, they may not be able to answer all in the time available, but will try to answer as many as they can.

Please do note that, as per our guidelines, Dr Creanor will not be able to give personal medical advice including those about medication. Their replies to questions will be made in such a way as to help as many people as possible who might have similar issues.

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Posted 6 Nov 2020 at 5:35 AM
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    Hi there, I had a couple of questions if that's ok!

    1) I import data from my fitbit to fill in my sleep diary, but it almost never gives me 90% sleep efficiency even if I think I have had a perfect night's sleep. Can I get sleepio to accept a lower sleep efficiency as optimum for me? Otherwise I am not sure I will ever be allowed to expand my sleep window!

    2) Is reading not one of the activities allowed in the Wind Down time? I find it very relaxing – in fact I love having that time (or time I am awake in the night) to do work from self-help books with my notebook and pen beside me – it makes me look forward to not being asleep which in turn makes it more likely for me to actually fall asleep and stay asleep! I am not a big TV fan, and I thought screens were supposed to inhibit sleep – and the idea of listening to music for 90 minutes before bed makes me feel fidgety just thinking about it – I want to be achieving something!

    3) My sleep schedule says I should finish off work three hours before bed, but it also says I should eat supper three hours before bed so i am confused as to which one I should be doing at that point!

    Thank you!

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    Good evening and welcome to the live discussion this week. I’m Dr Vicki Creanor – a clinical psychologist with a special interest in sleep behaviour and I’ll be here for the next 90 mins to answer any questions you have on sleep. Any questions, please post them here!

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    in reply to Sleepio Member

    Hi Tabs,

    Thanks for getting in touch with those questions.

    So, first of all, I think the Sleepio programme will be set at that fixed level for the threshold to increase the sleep window, but what I would suggest is, rather than going by the fitbit data, try going by your own instead. Try recording the times yourself and you may find that things are more accurate. Often these devices are very sensitive so they can record movement in sleep as wakefulness.

    On your second point, reading is OK to do in the wind down time – I think what you may have picked up is that we often suggest reading before you get into bed, so that bed can start to be associated purely with sleep, rather than with things such as reading. Working on thoughts etc while you are up in the middle of the night might stimulate you and result in it being harder to switch off again – I would recommend this activity during the day.

    Lastly, the schedule set is a guideline, so don't worry if it's saying to finish work and have supper at the same time. It just means, in general, try and finish up work and have the last meal of the day a good amount of time before you head to bed so your mind and body are in an optimal place to sleep.

    Hope this helps?

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    It's been a very quiet night tonight on the chat. Hopefully this means everyone is doing well with the programme. Take care and speak to you all next time.

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