Improving management of sleep disorders in primary care

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By Dr. Annemarie Luik

Bitesize research – a brief article summary from the Sleepio team:

Edinger et al (2015). A collaborative paradigm for improving management of sleep disorders in primary care: a randomized clinical trial. Sleep, 39: 237-247.

Sleep disorders are inconsistently recognized and managed in primary care. This study tested whether collaboration between sleep specialists and primary care providers could improve the management of sleep disorders in primary care. In this randomized controlled trial, 137 patients with sleep complaints were assigned to an intervention that consisted of a sleep consultation with diagnostic feedback and treatment recommendations -- provided to the patient and the patient’s primary care provider -- or to a waiting-list. Patients who received the intervention were more often referred for polysomnography (49% vs. 6%; p<0.001) and mental health clinics (19% vs. 6%; p=0.02) than the wait-listed controls. More reductions in wake time and improvements in sleep efficiency were still seen at the 10-month follow up for recipients compared to waiting-list controls. In conclusion, a one-time sleep consultation demonstrated benefit in favour of the healthcare provider paying attention to sleep problems as well as for the patients’ sleep disturbance.

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