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Sleep(io) more, worry less: results of a randomised trial

2nd March 2015 by Dr. Sophie Bostock

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Today marks the start of Sleep Awareness Week in the US, an annual opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of sleep. Looking for a good excuse to prioritise some shut-eye? We’re excited to share the findings of a new Sleepio trial to help patients suffering from anxiety. A team led by Chris Drake at the Henry ...

To nap or not to nap? That is the question.

5th June 2014 by Peter Hames

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There’s something very appealing about taking a nap … a few moments to catch up on some sleep sounds like a lovely idea. But, if you’re a poor sleeper, does taking a nap affect how you sleep at night? Well, the short answer is ‘yes.’ In general, it’s best to keep all your sleeping for ...