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The Science of Sleep @ Google, London

10th December 2015 by Peter Hames

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The Sleepio team joined forces with Russell Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience at the University of Oxford, last week, in the latest in a series of events to promote the importance of sleep at Google’s London HQ. Our visit last October revealed on the links between sleep and work performance. This time the focus was the ...

You get better sleep before midnight… Sleep fact or sleep fiction?

22nd April 2014 by Peter Hames

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There are lots of myths about sleep out there from the powers of warm milk to how the nightmare-inducing properties of cheese. So we’re putting our favourites to our Sleepio experts to find out what’s sleep fact or sleep fiction. (I know… I feel we need a jingle too.) First off, my mum used to ...

Food and sleep

9th July 2012 by Peter Hames

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It is intuitive that what we eat may have an influence on our sleep each night. At the most basic level we know that neurotransmitters are manufactured from amino acids, the building blocks of protein. These chemical messengers are essential for sleep-wake regulation in the brain. There have, for example, been several studies looking at ...

Retiring to bed – how much sleep do you need?

25th May 2012 by Peter Hames

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Does the quantity and quality of sleep you need change as you get older? Prof Espie explains… There is a lot on the TV and in papers and magazines these days about sleep and ageing. I think the folklore is that we need less sleep when we are getting on a bit, but actually the ...

Do Americans sleep better than the British?

18th November 2011 by Peter Hames

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This morning Sleepio co-founder Peter Hames was invited back onto BBC World Service for an update on the response to the World Sleep Survey following Tuesday’s World Update. We saw a fantastic reaction to the survey all the way from Afganistan to Zambia, with the greatest number of responses from North America. Although these are ...

Nation’s health at risk due to poor sleep?

14th November 2011 by Peter Hames

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Last weekend The Observer ran a couple of great articles which we hope will help to further raise the profile of the Nation’s sleep problems and the need for evidence-based solutions. However we wanted to clarify and expand on some of the statistics quoted from the Great British Sleep Survey and Sleepio’s co-founder and world ...

Bye bye British Summer Time: Why the clocks go back and the effect on your sleep

4th November 2011 by Peter Hames

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It’s that time of year again – as the nights draw in, like an early Christmas present, we get an extra glorious hour in bed. But what many regard as a welcome lie-in has, once more, provoked heated debate.The idea behind Daylight Saving Time (DST) (otherwise known as British Summertime) is to make the most ...

Sleepio and the Guardian create The Good Sleep Handbook and CD

28th January 2011 by Peter Hames

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Over the past couple of months Sleepio has been working with the Guardian and the Observer to create The Good Sleep Handbook and The Good Sleep CD. And from tomorrow you can get your hands on them, free with this weekend’s edition of the papers. The Good Sleep Guide in the Guardian on Saturday features advice ...