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Let UP by Jawbone become your personal sleep coach

3rd February 2015 by Peter Hames

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Two years ago when Jawbone first opened up its API for UP, Sleepio was honoured to be among the inaugural app integrations featured in the UP App Gallery. Since then, the UP system and platform has continued to evolve, and we are excited to help Jawbone mark a new milestone with the launch of the ...

The era of digital medicine: breaking the barrier

26th November 2014 by Peter Hames

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We live in a world where a trip to our GP often results in leaving with a prescription in hand. Although drugs are essential to the health of many people, we now have decades of clinical evidence that suggests behavioural treatment, such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a more effective long-term solution for conditions such ...

Sleepio shares the secrets of good sleep at Google

10th October 2014 by Dr. Sophie Bostock

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The Sleepio team took part in an event at Google’s London offices this week to raise awareness of the importance of good sleep for a happy and productive workforce. Sleepio’s sleep experts donned their very best pyjamas to take to the stage! Sleep researcher, Dr Sophie Bostock, explained that poor sleep can interfere with a ...

Sleepio app launches for iPhone

18th September 2014 by Peter Hames

Sleep technology Sleepio app Sleepio news

The future is an exciting place. Of course we’ll all have hoverboards and X-Ray specs, but more importantly our phones will become powerful tools to keep us healthy and happy. Today marks a small step in that direction: the new Sleepio iPhone app is now available to download from the App Store! Our new iPhone ...

Sleepio and BodyMedia team up!

21st May 2013 by Peter Hames

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If you have a BodyMedia FIT armband you can now connect it to your Sleepio account.

Sleepio connects with UP by Jawbone

30th April 2013 by Peter Hames

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We are very excited to announce that from today, any Sleepio user with an UP band will be able to connect it to their Sleepio account.

F.lux review

9th December 2012 by Peter Hames

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Ever since @bpdrums told the Sleepio team about f.lux we’ve all been a bit addicted. Judging by the constant stream of tweets hailing the app, this seems to be a common reaction. As @Lorna of f.lux told me, their “installations are all from word of mouth”. What is it about this app which makes its users ...