Let UP by Jawbone become your personal sleep coach

3rd February 2015 by Peter Hames

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UP Move by Jawbone

Two years ago when Jawbone first opened up its API for UP, Sleepio was honoured to be among the inaugural app integrations featured in the UP App Gallery. Since then, the UP system and platform has continued to evolve, and we are excited to help Jawbone mark a new milestone with the launch of the Jawbone Marketplace.

The Jawbone Marketplace is a curated selection of UP-integrated apps and devices that empower each user to supercharge their progress with tailored experiences and highly personalised coaching. Today, we’re happy to announce Sleepio as one of the first ten best-in-class partners featured in Jawbone’s new online storefront.

Many Jawbone customers have already benefitted from the great pairing that Sleepio and UP make. The integration allows Sleepio to analyse your sleep data from UP and create a hyper-personalised program that helps you identify and address a whole range of factors associated with poor sleep. Because your data from UP is synced automatically with Sleepio, the Sleepio program is up-to-date, easy to follow, and can help you get the best sleep of your life!

How to connect to Sleepio from the Jawbone Marketplace

Visit Sleepio’s page on the Jawbone Marketplace. Once you’ve checked out, you will receive an order confirmation email from Jawbone with a voucher code and instructions to get started. You can then choose to continue your Sleepio journey via the website or, if you’re an iPhone user, in the Sleepio iPhone app!

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