Sleepio shares the secrets of good sleep at Google

10th October 2014 by Dr. Sophie Bostock

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The Sleepio team took part in an event at Google’s London offices this week to raise awareness of the importance of good sleep for a happy and productive workforce. Sleepio’s sleep experts donned their very best pyjamas to take to the stage!

Sleep researcher, Dr Sophie Bostock, explained that poor sleep can interfere with a wide range of desirable work behaviours, from empathising to ethical decision-making. Poor sleep interferes with concentration and accuracy, which can have serious consequences for safety and productivity.

Prof Colin Espie explained why a racing mind can keep insomnia sufferers awake at night. With the help of some audience participation – which included throwing money into the audience – he illustrated some of the core principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for insomnia. These included learning to value relaxation time, trusting that sleep will come, and putting the day to rest before settling down to sleep.

Co-founder, Peter Hames, described his own experience of insomnia and how successful treatment with CBT inspired him to create Sleepio. His perspective is that technology offers a, scalable, standardised, affordable and evidence-based way to deliver treatment to those who need it.

In the US, the annual cost of insomnia to employers due to lost productivity alone has been estimated at over $60 billion per year – equivalent to 7.8 lost working days per poor sleeper, per year. Given that 1 in 4 employees report poor sleep, it’s an issue that we expect will increasingly feature on the corporate wellness agenda.

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