Sleep monitoring at Manchester United

14th April 2014 by Peter Hames

Sleep news

Sleep Tracking at the Theatre of Dreams

Photo credit: tutu

Sports news …  it’s been reported that Manchester United’s players are now having their sleep monitored as part of their training programme.

Quite rightly, the coaching team has identified sleep as an important factor in the players’ performance. Each player is required to give marks out of seven on how they slept, how their muscles feel and their state of mind. United’s Head of Fitness, Tony Strudwick, is quoted as saying that their monitoring and recording process is “probably the best coaching tool we have. And all we’re doing is asking them how they feel. We monitor everything the players do in training and matches, as well as their recovery and wellness.”

How we sleep at night shapes everything about the next day – from how we interact with people and how much energy we have to our levels of concentration and our ability to make decisions. So, you can see how that’s going to affect your ability to play Premier League football – or in fact, do anything!

You don’t have to be an elite sportsman to benefit from sleep monitoring. Keeping a sleep diary helps you understand your sleep pattern and identify things that may need changing. It’s the first step to helping yourself sleep better. We’re not saying that a good night’s sleep is going to turn you into a world-class footballer, but it’s definitely going to make you feel better!

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