How to … Wake Up

9th April 2014 by Helena

How to sleep better

How to wake up

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Whether we’ve slept well or not, it can take most of us a little while to get from our sleepy state to wide-awake in the morning. So, how can we wake up ‘better’?

  • Avoid hitting the snooze button. It’s so tempting but it tends to leave us feeling worse once we’re up and out of bed. Our body begins preparing to wake some time before the alarm goes off, releasing hormones that promote alertness and getting us ready to face the day. By hitting the snooze button, we confuse ourselves as sleep-promoting hormones are then released into our bloodstream, making it even more difficult to wake up.
  • Put the kettle on. Often we can be a bit dehydrated after a night’s sleep so taking in some fluid helps. So that first cup of tea of the day really counts! And if you need your caffeine fix, this is the best time of day to get it to reduce its impact on your sleep.
  • Get out into the sunlight. When it’s light outside, get outside as soon as you can because natural light helps kickstart our waking process. There is evidence that a ‘dawn alarm’ – a light box that simulates natural daylight in addition to a standard alarm – can help the waking process as the light stimulates those hormones that make you more alert.



  1. Musa says:

    Thanks for the helpful article. What’s your opinion on using melatonin as a way of resetting your circadian rhythm, helping you wake up better?

    Musa M

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