Sleepio and BodyMedia team up!

21st May 2013 by Peter Hames

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BodyMedia and Sleepio

Improving your sleep with Sleepio just got even easier! If you have a BodyMedia FIT armband, you can now connect it to your Sleepio account and we’ll automatically import your sleep data each day.

The BodyMedia FIT armband device is pretty advanced: its four sensors capture information from your body to track your activity levels during the day and night. The sensors include an “accelerometer” to record movement, a thermometer to gauge surface skin temperature and heat leaving your body along with ‘Galvanic Skin Response’ sensors to measure how much you sweat!

From today, the sleep data collected by the armband can be imported directly into a Sleepio account, meaning that it can be used to fill your daily sleep diaries and personalise the programme to you.

Have a BodyMedia armband? Why not take a tour of Sleepio to see how we could help you improve your sleep, or, if you are an existing Sleepio member, simply sign into your Sleepio account and click on the ‘Tracking devices’ section in your Case File to connect your device!

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