Sleepio connects with UP by Jawbone

30th April 2013 by Peter Hames

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Jawbone connects with Sleepio

We are very excited to announce that Sleepio has been chosen as one of just 10 apps worldwide to be integrated with UP by Jawbone™.

For those new to the world of self-monitoring, UP® is a wristband which tracks your movement throughout the day and night, helping you discover how you sleep, move, eat and feel, and how those activities might affect one another.

From today any Sleepio user with an UP band will be able to connect it to their Sleepio account. Your nightly UP band data will then be automatically imported each morning to update your sleep diary, as well as helping tailor and personalise the programme to you. No more daily sleep diaries!

To connect your UP, simply log in to your Sleepio account, select the ‘Tracking devices’ option in your Case File and click the ‘Connect my UP’ button. Once you have followed the on-screen instructions and connected your accounts, your UP sleep data will continue to sync automatically with your Sleepio account each day.

You can choose to disconnect your device at any time and the Sleepio programme will, of course, continue to work just the same for those without a tracking device!

We’re honoured to have been chosen as one of the first to integrate with UP and we look forward to welcoming UP users into the Sleepio community!


  1. Anon50 says:

    How accurate are UP’s measurements compared with the traditional sleep logs?

  2. Sleepio says:

    Hi there, we’ve not completed our own in-lab comparisons of the UP with traditional actigraphy, but our informal testing suggests that it’s pretty good. If for whatever reason the recorded data doesn’t match your experience, you can adjust it in Sleepio (and add extra info in the form of tags).

  3. Sue Chadwick says:

    Is UP available in other countries?

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