ITN Tonight goes “inside insomnia”

17th November 2011 by Peter Hames

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Tonight Inside InsomniaThis evening’s ITN’s Tonightprogram will be focusing on the “urgent need” to address insomnia, the most common sleep disorder affecting around 10% of the population.  The program will explore the varying forms of help which may be offered to those experiencing the problem and the availability of such treatments on the National Health Service across the UK.Having teamed up with Sleepio expert Professor Colin Espie, the program will also feature interim results from the Great British Sleep Survey. Over 12,000 people have taken part in the survey so far and the data confirm the terrible impact that poor sleep can have on all aspects of life – from energy to productivity at work to mood to relationships.Tune in to ITV tonight at 7:30pm to catch ‘Waking Up to Insomnia’ and join in now by taking part in the Great British Sleep Survey for your own tailored sleep report designed by Prof Espie.


  1. Glenis Rowan says:

    i find it hard 2 sleep i am tossing & turning all night then in the morning i feel shatterd & cant concentrate on the day in hand . i feel like iam loosing my mind because i cant remember things that people tell me 5 minutes latere & iam getting worried that iam loosing my mind.

  2. lindsay says:

    I thought this was very good – I was awke for 3 hours last night and am now going to bed early – hoping to sleep thru!

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