Which country is the most sleep deprived?

12th November 2010 by Helena

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Our Great British Sleep Survey has shown that us Brits don’t all sleep very well, but a recent global study has shown that American, French and Taiwanese people are the most sleep deprived.

The study by Amsterdam-based Philips Center for Health and Well-Being found that stress and staying up late were the main causes for people around the world not getting enough sleep.

“The majority of Americans (49%), Indians (54%) and Singaporeans (43%) reported not getting enough z’s because they were too worried or stressed out to sleep.”

“In contrast, the majority of Brazilians (41%), Taiwanese (63%) and Germans (55%) were sleep deprived because they tended to go to sleep late and wake up early.”

Typically, it was money causing the most stress, with 66% of Americans laying awake at night thinking about bills, specifically health care bills.  Another question in the survey identified that a huge 74% of participants were worried about the general state of the economy.

And what affect does all this lack of sleep have on people?

“Of the Americans who reported being sleep deprived, more than half — 57% — said it affected their physical health, 48% said they thought it affected their mental health and 46% thought it affected home life.”

The participants in this survey are correct when they say all aspects of their life are affected by their lack of sleep.  If you feel your health is suffering as a result of your sleep problems, Sleepio recommends you consult with your GP for treatment options.

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