Would you like to be serenaded to sleep by your pyjamas?

14th July 2010 by Helena

Sleep news

Well probably not, because that would be a bit odd.  But how about if your pyjamas could play soothing, slumber-inducing music to help you drift off to sleep?

Scientists at MIT in the US have discovered a way of making acoustic fibers that can record and transmit sound.  The team behind this development have some serious applications in mind, such as:

“…clothes that are themselves sensitive microphones, for capturing speech or monitoring bodily functions, and tiny filaments that could measure blood flow in capillaries or pressure in the brain.”

The potential of this technology is huge and we’re sure it will revolutionise everything from headphones to medicine…but how soon can we pre-order our musical pyjamas?

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  1. Sarah says:

    I find that I sleep better when I keep up my exercise so I really think this works.
    Great post.

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