Flying high: on the day of travel

Image of Professor Colin Espie
by Professor Colin Espie

• Take an on-flight bag with a few creature comforts…an eyemask, earplugs, moisturizer, lip balm, socks, spare clothes, chewy sweets for equalizing ear pressure and noise cancelling headphones can all come in handy.

• Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes you can easily remove.

• You'll be able to relax more if you're not anxious about timings – leave plenty of time for navigating airport security.

• Drink plenty of water or fruit juice (rather than tea or coffee) to avoid dehydration. Alcohol will exacerbate dehydration and make sleep more fragmented and less restorative.

• To help adjust the body clock, change your watch and phone to the time at your new destination when you board. Plan to eat and sleep according to your new schedule, not the one imposed by the in-flight service.

• Have a plan for how you'll be getting from the arrival airport to your final destination.

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