Can we help you sleep better?

Sleepio is a clinically proven sleep improvement program.

How Sleepio works

  1. We test your sleep.

    Using answers to our in-depth sleep test and (if you have one) sleep data from your UP, Fitbit or Bodymedia tracker we create your tailored program.

  2. You visit The Prof, your virtual sleep expert.

    The Prof is your guide through the Sleepio program, there when you need him day or night.

  3. The Prof teaches you proven sleep improvement techniques.

    You learn personalized Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to get your sleep schedule, thoughts, lifestyle and bedroom into shape.

  4. A range of tools help you put your techniques into practice.

    From the Thought Checker to your Daily Schedule, you have the tools you need to put the techniques into action.

Introducing the Sleepio app

Get instant sleep help on the go.

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Clinically proven to work

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